Women. Everywhere. celebrates the 1st International Women’s Day in Trinidad and Tobago, March 2017.

Celebration of the 1st International Women’s Week in Trinidad and Tobago, by Women. EverywhereCampaign Theme 2017: Be Bold For Change

Women. Everywhere. (a social initiative by CULTUREGO Magazine) proudly celebrated The 1st International Women’s Week in Trinidad and Tobago from 06 to 11 March this year.  In an effort to create wider cooperation and involvement around International Women’s Day itself, the team at W.E. reached out to fellow organisations for their input towards creating a programme that would last all week long.   Organisations recognised for their dedication towards  female Empowerment and improving the lives of Women and girls such as:  The Alliance Francaise of Trinidad and Tobago,  The National Commission for UNESCO,  The Shelter for Battered Women and Children, ECLAC and WINAD, all responded favourably to this call for collaboration.

Thanks to everyone’s support , Women. Everywhere. was pleased to present an exciting and refreshing programme of 11 events with the sole focus of Celebrating Women here in Trinidad and Tobago, and around the world.

W.E. Mean Business

Celebrations around the 1st IWW began on Monday 06 March with a Networking event and launch for all female professionals, aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs. This  first event took place at B3 Wine and Spirits, St. Ann’s and over 50 businesses, start-ups, free-lancers and NGO’s attended. National Media house CNC3 did live coverage of this event, in addition to other newspapers.

International Women's Week Trinidad and Tobago
International Women's Week Trinidad and Tobago
International Women's Week Trinidad and Tobago
International Women's Week Trinidad and Tobago

Women’s Day 2017

Women. Everywhere.  organised several events on International Women’s Day itself: Wednesday 08 March.

W.E. TALK | Panel Discussion

FILM SCREENING | Free Angela and other political prisoners

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Following the #IamBoldforChange photo launch on Social Media, everyone met up at Medulla Art Gallery in Woodbrook for W.E Talk and the much anticipated Panel Discussion (5 panelists from local media institutions and Ms. Lydia R. Geny of the ECLAC) on the “Representation of Women in the Media”.

The Panel discussion ended with a  Summary of 10 points, which identified recurring problems in representation of women across all media platforms and roadmaps for changing the narrative as we move forward.

Later on in the evening, in collaboration with the trinidad+tobago film festival, the inspiring documentary- Film “Free Angela and other Political Prisoners” was screened at NALIS (National Library of Trinidad and Tobago.  Following welcome reception and remarks by Founder Adeline Gregoire, Magella Moreau, Director of Public Relations and Press at the ttff, introduced the film to an eager audience (40 – 45ppl).

HER Stories

Female writers, poets and Spoken word Artistes were honoured on Thursday 09 March at the Alliance Francaise, with the event HER Stories. Writers Danielle Boodhoo – Fortune, Elizabeth Walcott – Hackshaw, Aaliyah Eniath and Angeligue Nixon shared poignant excerpts of their work with a “full house” of literature fans, and discussed reasons and inspiration for their work with moderator Shivanee Ramlochan.  Spoken word artistes from the 2 Cents Movement brought a dramatic finale to the evening with intense and riveting pieces by Deneka Thomas, Ariana  Herbert and other members of the Movement.

Be Gentle with yourself

Women. Everywhere. invited all to a Wellness morning entitled “Be Gentle with yourself” on Friday 10th March in the gardens of the Heritage Inn, Coblentz avenue, Cascade.   This Health and Wellness session was led by UWI Researcher and Aromatherapy specialist Fallon Lutchmansingh.  Participants enjoyed Presentations, exercises and group work guided by Dominique Lewis of AMARE Probiotics, Gicelle Magloire: Holistic Therapist, Kemetic and Hatha Yoga Instructor, Blair Gopeechan: Social Worker and Human Rights activist, and Elle James: Self Care Instructor and Blogger (St. Lucia). This session brought a beautiful dose of healing and serenity to end the week.


An all female cast including live performances by the soulful Ruth Osman, the magical Gillian Moor; and Trinidad’s top DJ’s: DJ Del and DJ Charlotte awaited guests at W.E. Party, which took place at the Big Black Box, Murray Street, Woodbrook on Friday night.  3 Canal made a special guest appearance bringing their message of love, revolution and respect for all women and girls.

Regional Feminine Solidarity Rally and March

Women. Everywhere. also joined the coalition for Women’s Rights, led by Life in Leggings on Saturday 11th March for the Regional Feminine Solidarity Rally and March around the Queen’s Park Savannah from 3pm to 6pm.  The March was very well attended, with over 15 groups from civil society and women’s groups represented. Messages of non-violence, refusal of gender-based violence, increased respect for Women’s rights and children’s rights were brought to the streets.