Message from Women.Everywhere. on the International Day of the Girl

To the girls of Trinidad & Tobago, and all around the world.

Dear Girl,

Today is a very special day. Today, all around the world, we are celebrating your uniqueness, intelligence, creativity and limitless potential.  Yes, today it is all about YOU.

Happy International Day of the Girl!

This year’s theme is EmPOWER Girls and so,  Women.Everywhere. wishes you, and the worldwide community of 1.1 billion girls, a day filled with only great things,  Empowerment above all ! And here’s our message to you:

“Girls with dreams, become Women with vision”.

Don’t be afraid to dream big, dream out of the box! Create a vision of the woman you want to become one day and surround yourself with friends and people who believe in you and encourage you to improve yourself everyday. You have the ability to become absolutely anything you set your heart on.

Educate yourself. Learn about yourself, your body, your health, what feminism means. Knowledge is your power and will help you make the best possible decisions for yourself, your future.

Fall in love with yourself.  You don’t need anyone to validate your beauty.  Society will try to convince you that you must conform, that you are not enough. But you are. Walk away from anyone who makes you feel unloved, unworthy or insignificant.   You don’t have to add false eyelashes,  show off your butt to be sexy. You do not have to try to be sexier than someone else.  The size of your bra and length of your hair do not define you. Dress to impress yourself, not to get attention from boys.

Take the time to care for yourself.  Rest and exercise go a long way.  Do not pollute your body with harmful substances for the thrill of it. You are a Queen, your body is your Sanctuary. Keep it healthy. 

Be Bold and fearless. You are building your future right now, don’t get lost or side tracked.   You have the power and strength within you to become an Empowered  Woman. A Woman with vision and purpose.

And if ever you start doubting yourself, remember: Audrey, Frida, Harriet, Angela, Hilary, Michelle, Maya, Emma, Malala and so many, many more :  all of these brave and empowered women have  walked before you.  Look to the global community of girls, read their stories of courage and find your strength.

Happy International Day of the Girl once again!

Team Women.Everywhere.

Port of Spain. Wednesday 11th October, 2017

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